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Fast Tracking Baywalk, 5/26/2021

WAvNA questions were answered at the May 26th Land Use & Sustainability meeting. Video

1.       Who is the one city person assigned to oversee the completion of the Baywalk? 

David Martinez, Director of CIP department is in charge of construction. And Lauren Firtel is the point person as the South Beach Neighborhood Affairs Coordinator.

2.       Who are all the city persons on the team working on completing the Baywalk and what is each person’s role?

 David Martinez’ department will oversee construction and will be working with his team which is the same team that has been working on the West Avenue Phase II project:  David Gomez, Sabrina, George Rodriguez; Kevin Pulido and Lauren Firtel – neighborhood affairs coordinators, & Betsey Wheaton in environmental.

3.       Which city person is assigned to contact and update each condo board association? 

Kevin Pulido and Lauren Firtel in Neighborhood Affairs are the first line of communication.

4.       What is the overall process and the specific steps involved? 

Not all processes are the same for all sections, however, generally the overall process involves the intent to have the same consultant for all segments of the Baywalk, but to have permitting/design of each package independent of one another. The process is lengthy, particularly for the over water segments which involves over one year for permitting with the Army Corps of Engineers through their National Marine Fisheries Commission. Then permitting goes to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Miami-Dade DERM, and the City building department. In all, the due diligence with property owners, design and permitting portions of the project will take at least two years.

5.       What federal, state, and county agencies are involved? 

 See above

6.       What is the plan for cost over runs for the sections funded by the G.O. Bond? We are concerned that $5 million is not sufficient.

 Too early to address cost overruns.

7.    What is the responsibility of the condo association regarding maintenance and repair of Baywalk? Picking up litter, security, repair damage from a hurricane?

 Each section will be different and this question cannot be answered now.

8.       We recommend Baywalk continuity in material and design. Recognizing that each section has its own unique challenges, there should still be criteria so that, for example, all over-land sections have a continuity and all over-water sections have a continuity.

The Planning Department and Design and Review Board will be consulted regarding aesthetics. All of the designs at any point in time will be shared with anyone should they request that.

9.      To accomplish continuity and aesthetics, we recommend a Baywalk Master Plan that is transmitted to the Design Review Board (for an opinion, not final approval). See above

10. Can we view the final design and materials for the section at 1450 Lincoln Road. We have concerns regarding aesthetics. Previously, we asked the city to look at the Pier at South Pointe Park as an example of an aesthetically pleasing over-water walkway . See above

11.    We recommend one city attorney be assigned as an oversee to be point person for all legal matters.

 Not addressed

12.    We recommend the city assign a permanent park ranger to monitor the Baywalk and the park at 600 Alton.

Since this point was not addressed during the presentation, Samuelian was quick to mention that a park ranger might be a good idea to assign to Baywalk security. We followed up during the Q&A, noting that security is a concern for many residents and that a Baywalk Ranger could be tied in somehow with the park @ 6th & Alton. 

Meet the Inspector General, 4/27/2021

Summary of Presentation by the Inspector General’s Office
Hosted by the West Avenue Neighborhood Association
April 27, 2021, 6pm to 7pm

Joseph Centorino assumed the position of Inspector General for the city of Miami Beach on November 2019. The position was created following a citywide referendum in 2018 in which 81% of city voters supported the establishment of an independent watchdog agency to oversee City affairs.

Since being established, the IG has completed many reports on important issues plus over 100 audits of city contracts. One of which is an audit for the tow companies which found they over charged consistently for services that were not justified. Incidentally, the original independent audit that the tow company insisted upon and volunteered to pay for was never completely and the City got stuck paying that bill. Another audit of the trash haulers found the city was owed $125,000 in fees per the trash contact. Audits, which are performed by the four in-house audits, is very labor intensive so adding one more auditor would be helpful, according to the IG.

Coming on the heels of the city getting caught for not building Indian Creek project per the plans submitted by DERM, the Palm/Hibiscus Report was another high profile investigation which determined that the permitting process was not followed. Thus causing violations and delaying the project by years much to the frustration of the residents living in the area under construction. DERM was called in and found that the city built storm drains on the private property of 88 homeowners that led directly into the Bay but were not permitted properly. The city submitted one set of plans to DERM , but used a completely different set of plans during construction. Also, the city plans showed the street being raised 8 inches, but it was actually raised 1 ft 8 inches. The IG Office is disappointed that no one in the city stood up and took responsibility . Instead the staff accused the IG of not understanding engineering process.

How can the IG office function even better? A change in structure that would allow for an independent city attorney to advise the IG. Currently, the City Attorney represents both the IG office and the City.

The good news is that the IG has already met with the new City Manager and explained several recommendations, 3 of which were accepted, others not. The bottom line is that the IG found that the city does not have a strong managerial process, especially for these design build projects. And now it is up to the departments to create that process.

All audits can be found on the IG website. And everyone is encouraged to contact the IG when they have something to report, which can be reported anonymously.


WAvNA Meets with Planning Board about Baywalk, 3/24/2021

March 24, 2021 at 2:00 PM, via Zoom video conference

Agenda: Updates on Baywalk and Pedestrian Bridge over 5th St.
Invitees: WAvNA Baywalk Committee and WAvNA Board
Staff Attendees: Thomas Mooney, David Martinez, Elizabeth Wheaten, Maria Hernandez

Thomas Mooney, Planning Director, explained that the Master Plan for the Baywalk encompasses 5th St. north to the street end at Lincoln Rd. It is all on private property, which causes its own sets of challenges in addressing each property individually.

As it exists today, there are three (3) gaps which will be funded by the G.O. Bond: South Bay Club (800 West Ave.), Bayview Terrace (1228 West Ave.) and Bay Garden Manor (1250 West Ave.). These gaps will be addressed with either over-water or combination over-water/upland construction of the remaining Baywalk.

Maria Hernandez, Project Director, explained that there is earmarked $15 million of GO Bond funding, with $10m allocated towards the Pedestrian Bridge and $5m towards the remaining Baywalk gaps. $5m is in Tranche 2 but Staff can advance that for design and permitting to Tranche 1, which they plan to do as soon as the commission approves that at the next Finance and Economic Resilient Committee meeting. Once that is approved then CIP will begin the design and permitting process which requires
approvals from DERM, State, etc.

David Martinez, CIP Director, began a discussion about the 5th Street pedestrian bridge. He explained that the Tower (at 5th & Alton) is almost ready for permitting for its foundation which precedes construction for the Pedestrian Bridge. The Bridge will commence construction 9 months after the foundation for the pedestal has begun. The Pedestrian Bridge is expected to begin in the summer of 2022 with approximately 12 months needed to complete. FDOT plans have been submitted but permitting will not begin until the end of 2021 in order that the permits do not expire and necessitate
being resubmitted.

Gayle Durham, President of WAvNA, asked whether there will be an elevator on the north side of the Pedestrian Bridge in addition to the south side, and if the current design of a long ramp is ADA compliant regarding wheelchair access. The meeting returned to discussing the sections of the Baywalk. Ms. Hernandez stated that a referral to Finance to shift funding will be heard at the April Committee meeting. This will permit the feasibility and design process to begin to proceed with the projects for the three (3) remaining gaps.

A question from Ms. Durham on what commitments the City has with the three (3) remaining gap property owners, Mr. Mooney answered that there was an ‘agreement’ with South Bay Club, a ‘sign-off’ with Bayview Terrace but now perhaps dated, and that he was not sure what agreement was had with Bay Garden Manor. The reason given for this was that no outreach had been made as yet due to there not being funding until now. Once GO Bond funding is secured, the City will make the necessary contact.
Furthermore, the ‘sign-off’ with Bayview Terrace will probably need to be revisited since it dates back to 2008 and the Board may have changed since then.

In response to a question from Hal Philips regarding a clarification on riparian rights for each property in question, Mr. Mooney explained the following: the South Bay Club has agreed as a part of an order; Bayview Terrace in a 2008 agreement agreed to the ‘concept’ of a Baywalk; and 1250 (Bay Garden Manor) has no agreement.

Mr. Martinez discussed that once funding was secured, it would be preferable to have one (1) consultant design all three (3) remaining gaps but present the designs independent of each other. He continued that the City has not yet successfully constructed an over-water Baywalk section.

Regarding 10th to 12th Street – it is in the middle of getting designs revised and will most likely be permitted 8-10 months. Delays could be due to a backlog with the Army Corps of Engineers. Mr. Philips asked Betsy Wheaton, Environment and Sustainability Director, what has taken place since their last meeting in 2017. Ms. Wheaton stated that a change in how the project is designed and constructed was negotiated between the City and the property owner, Crescent Heights. Originally, Crescent Heights was going to design and permit the Baywalk. Under the new deal, the City worked with the property owner to release escrow money. Mr. Martinez added that now the property owner will design and build the Baywalk, but the City will obtain the permit. Furthermore, in 2017 there was a preliminary approval but Crescent Heights retained a new designer so the plans changed. The City has hired someone to move the permitting process but there is not a permit as yet.

Ms. Durham asked about any plans to harmonize the Baywalk. Mr. Martinez explained that there are plans to install a ‘grate’ for over-water sections which would allow light to pass through to sustain sea grasses. He stated that this could be used in a hybrid form for the South Bay Club and Bayview Terrace sections. Mr. Mooney continued with affirming that the goal is ‘the more consistency and continuity the better’.

Jessica Davis, Board member Bayview Terrace, asked about how the Baywalk will affect her building as to the dock and pool deck areas. Mr. Martinez responded that he was not sure how to resolve this issue but that he will schedule meetings by the late spring/early summer this year to find a solution. Todd Davis stressed that neighborhood input was vital and that he believed the $5m budget for the three (3) Baywalk gaps was not sufficient. It was explained that the funding was allocated as follows:

• Bay Garden Manor $ 1,350,000
• Bayview Terrace $ 850,000
• South Bay Club $2,8000,000

Additionally, the Baywalk is eligible for Florida Inland Navigation District Funding whereby the grant money would provide up to 50% of the design costs and another 50% of construction costs. In discussing why it was so important that the neighborhood by involved prior to design and building Davis cited the park on 14th Street which had been made almost useless by the placement of a large generator with no regard for how the park was being used.

An update was given on (1450) Lincoln Bay Towers which has 200’ of Baywalk and is part of the West Ave. Project Phase II. The project is now ready to submit for permitting and will break ground later this year. It is a two (2) year project to be undertaken by Ric-Man Construction.

Sabrina was identified as the ‘go-to’ person for any questions on the Mirador, Mondrian, and 1450 Lincoln Bay Baywalk.

Todd Davis asked if seawalls have been assessed prior to Baywalk construction. Ms. Hernandez stated that the Mondrian and Mirador seawalls are the responsibility of the property owners. Regarding 1450, design is important because access to the seawall is key. A model could be making parts of the Baywalk removable in order to access the seawall for repairs. There was further discussion regarding the
Waverly which may need to make design changes to its pool area and the Mirador 1000 which has seawall issues that cause flooding.

Mr. Philips inquired as to who is responsible for Baywalk maintenance and what department enforces it, specifically wondering about the Flamingo Baywalk. Mr. Mooney stated that the property owner is responsible. As to enforcement, he said code compliance can issue violations. Regarding a question from Amy Litos regarding previously opened sections of completed Baywalk, Mr. Mooney stated that once a sections has been opened – it remains opened. However, should a property want to install a gate to allow closure during night-hours, he would look into that

Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM

WAvNA attends Marine & Waterfront Protection Authority – 3/9/2021

WAvNA residents attended this meeting because we asked that derelict boat problem In Biscayne Bay be placed on the agenda.

Subject: Summary of Meeting of the City of Miami Beach Marine and Waterfront Protection Authority (MWPA), March 9th, 9AM

Attendees: BMC: Gayle Durham, Tim Carr, Amy Litos, Arianna Aguero.  WAvNA Board: Shawn Bryant, Tim Carr.

Summary by Amy Litos and Arianna Aguero

  • The WAvNA Baywalk and Mooring Field Committee (BMC) was introduced to the meeting participants. 
  • Captain Steven Feldman, City of Miami Beach Police Department, gave a police report regarding Area 1 to 4. Area 1 covers South Point to Dade Blvd (excluding Venetian and Belle Isle).
  • Member Ben Mostkoff- MWPA Board Member led the discussion regarding our concerns. Pictures provided by WAvNA of derelict boats were reviewed and discussed, including a sailboat being used as overnight jet ski storage for an operator doing business in Miami, not Miami Beach.
  • During Marine Patrol discussion by Sgt. Sanchez, City of Miami Beach Police Marine Patrol, we learned that the Coast Guard is not yet working with our police on citing boats in the bay for violations. However, the city has not reached out to the Coast Guard yet about help with derelict boats. The city is bidding out removal of each derelict boat. It takes a few hours to collect responses from 3 companies. Recently it cost the city $7,000 to remove a single boat. The owner was in Europe unable to return due to Covid and left his boat in the bay next to Lincoln Rd. The boat was removed, but there is a supreme court case that challenges certain authorities from removal of property in this manner. (the city’s annual budget to rectify boating police issues is only $60,000)
  • Because some boats have changed hands and have not been properly registered, the police have noted that fines are not getting to the appropriate persons.
  • Miami beach police marine patrol is not open 24/7 but recently they did extend their hours from 10am to 11pm. (Fri-Sat-Sun) There are 2 officers on boats.
  • The number of illegal charters is astonishing. Last weekend the City, with help from Coast Guard, gave 33 citations. 16 for covid violations plus a few noise violations.
  • These agencies are all working to monitor Biscayne Bay violations: Miami Beach Police Marine Patrol, Coast Guard, DERM, and FWC – Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • The city is pushing to close Monument Island, a historical landmark, on a permanent basis. It is now closed due to covid. The City is suggesting to surround it with rocks and an additional net for a collared effect. The Board passed a motion to amend a letter to the Commission (LTC) to recommend keeping Monument Island closed, except for official city vessel (or possibly educational purposes) and add a non-motorized zone for the island and immediate surrounding waters. (Sgt. Sanchez is in favor, stating that there is little to no benefit to keeping it open.)
  • During Covid beach closings, the Julia Tuttle became a de facto beach. FDOT-Florida Department of Transportation- has been alerted and some enforcement has been done by FHP – Florida Highway Patrol. Captain Feldman will reach out again and follow up next month.
  • Moving forward on an as-needed temporary basis, Sgt. Sanchez will manually collect and report specific statistics regarding citation information for derelict boats.
  • According to Code Compliance, there is an officer 24/7 at Miami Beach Marina and since February there have been 54 violations. 49 violations (two per charter) were specific to South Beach illegal charters.  
  • WAvNA board member, Tim Carr, was nominated by Commissioner Mark Samuelian for the MWPA board. He will replace Dr. Sunshine whose resignation was announced at today’s board meeting.

Public Park 600 Alton, Rooftop Movie Theater 1212 Lincoln 3/3/2020

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Waverly Condominium, 1330 West Avenue
6:00 pm Meet & Greet
6:30 pm Meeting Called to Order

One of our largest audiences attended this meeting, about 110 people. Bebito’s Café served refreshments and the owner, Jason, handed out free coffee coupons.

Boat Mooring Field
Elizabeth Wheaton, city of Miami Beach Environment & Sustainability Director, explained that the city is conducting a feasibility study about establishing a Mooring Field for Biscayne Bay.
If approved, this has the potential to bring needed regulation to boats that are anchored in Biscayne Bay from the Sunset Harbor Marina extending south to MacArthur Causeway.

Currently, many boats are disposing of human waste directly into the Bay. However, a mooring filed requires boat and owner would register with an onsite dock master and pay a daily fee $25 which includes the use of a bathroom and mandatory septic service. Boats would tie up to a buoy that is attached to a permanent anchor screwed into the seafloor. This would reduce damage to protected Seagrass in the Bay.

The audience consensus was that a mooring field in Miami Beach was a sensible idea. Though, two boat owners who currently anchor in the Bay opposed the mooring field.

New Traffic Signal to Help Pedestrians, Called LPI
A program called “Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI)” has been programmed into several traffic signals within the West Avenue Neighborhood. By pushing the “Walk Button” at crosswalks, the “walk” signal will change 4-6 seconds prior to the traffic signal changing from red to green for the vehicles. This allows the pedestrians to get a 4-6 headstart into the crosswalk prior to the vehicles moving. The LPI programming has been installed at 8th, 10, 11th, 15th & Lincoln Road. The key point: You need to Push to the Walk Button to activate the LPI programming.

Road Raising at Lincoln Rd. Meeting at Gaythering March 4th, 6pm
About Lincoln Rd street-end project. All neighbors are invited. This is not a City presentation.. Pump infrastructure will be located in the middle of the street and it will be 116 ft long, 15 feet wide and 18 feet high.  This meeting does not address the full West Avenue project , focus is the west end of Lincoln Rd/Lincoln Court.

Results WAvNA Survey
Top 5 Concerns:
1.    That Airbnb Will Expand
2.    Over Development
3.    Pollution in the Bay
4.    Pedestrian/Bike Safety
5.    Code Compliance Complaints

Top 5 Volunteering
1.    Review Developer Plans
2.    Attending city meetings on neighborhood issues
3.    Attending planning meeting dealing with new 600 West Park
4.    Neighborhood walks with code compliance
5.    Neighborhood walks with Police Department

G.O. Bond
Alison Novack, from the city G.O. Bond Department, described how to use the city website to track the progress of the 57 citywide projects worth $439M. There is one project in our neighborhood, funded $15M and it has four components.

  • Baywalk at Bayview Terrace,1228 West Ave
  • Baywalk at South Bay Club, 800 West Ave
  • Baywalk at Bay Garden Manor, 1250 West Ave
  • Pedestrian bridge over 5th Street

New 3 Acre Public Park at 600 West Avenue
Presentation by Mr. Ford and his design team from Arquitectonica.The park breaks ground next month and will be completed earliest by the end of this year.There will be a fenced-in dog park, fitness equipment, open lawn area. There will be many large shade trees planted (not palm trees), and lots of bright lighting. A circular driveway will enable police to view the entire park. From our neighborhood, the bridge can be reached from a long ramp that crosses over West Ave or from a staircase. On the south side of 5th Street there will be an elevator and staircase.

Rooftop Entertainment at 1212 Lincoln
The developer is asking the city commission to up-zone our neighborhood to allow a movie theater serving alcohol on the rooftop of the parking garage. A lively discussion took place, many members expressing their strong opposition to this type of venue in our neighborhood.

Many questions from residents went unanswered: size of screen, maximum occupancy, hours of operation, size of venue, other activities in addition to movie? Audience comments: this venue belongs in the MXE district; belongs at Lincoln Rd Eatery since that space already has a license for rooftop bar and entertainment; it is premature to commit the floor of the parking garage before the retail of that building is even rented; we are already dealing with outdoor noise from 1111 garage from their 7 special permit per year; other establishments like 1111 garage would most likely want to activate their garage with an outdoor bar every night of the week.

A rooftop movie theater and bar requires up-zoning. This will be voted on by commissioners at Land Use & Sustainability meeting on March 17th, 8:30 am, 3rd floor city hall.

Mooring Field 2/11/2020

There was a public meeting sponsored by the city on February 11, 2020, to discuss the feasibility of establishing a Mooring Field for Biscayne Bay.

If approved, this has the potential to bring needed regulation to boats that are anchored in Biscayne Bay from the Sunset Harbor Marina extending south to MacArthur Causeway.

Currently, per state law, the city of Miami Beach has no authority to regulate any of the boats anchored in the Bay. Over the past few years, the Bay has been taken over by long term boats anchored in the Bay, some remaining permanently in the Bay. Many of these boats have no sanitation facilities on board and dispose of their waste in the Bay. Under Florida state law, if a Mooring Field is established that meets specific state requirements, then the state may authorize local jurisdictions to gain some regulatory compliance over the boats in Biscayne Bay. Addressing sanitary and environmental issues would be a key goal along with setting time periods to be anchored in a defined area which would improve many environmental concerns.

Facilities for the Mooring Field may be established near the public docks at Maurice Gibb Memorial Park in Sunset Harbor.  

About 60 residents attended, including the consulting company performing the feasibility study, city staff, and Commissioner Ricky Arriola who is at the forefront of the mooring field proposal.

The audience consensus was that the current “anything goes” situation needs to change. The audience complained about loud music, dogs barking, human waste pollution, derelict boats, boats docked illegally to the seawall, boaters trespassing on condominium private property. A mooring field would require that each boat and owner be registered with an onsite dock master, pay a daily fee which includes the use of a bathroom and laundry facilities, and mandatory septic service. All vessels and owners would be required to follow a set of rules that would be established.
Boats would tie up to a buoy that is attached to a permanent anchor screwed into the seafloor. This would reduce damage to protected Seagrass in the Bay. Boats would be evenly spaced and lined up neatly. Mooring location would begin at section 1 next to Gibb Park with capability up to 150 boats. It could expand to 3 additional sections extending all the way to MacArthur Causeway. The project timetable is approximately three years once approval is given from the City Commission.

The residents attending were generally in favor of a mooring field because boats would then be required to follow a set of rules. In addition, many in the audience stated they want the city to immediately tow away problem boats.

There will be additional public meetings to discuss the mooring field proposal and WAvNA will post those meeting dates in future newsletters.

6th Annual WAvNA Walk, Lincoln Rd Street-End 1/7/2020

Tuesday, Jan 7, 2020
4:30pm, Outside

The Annual West Avenue Neighborhood Walk has been so successful throughout the years that now the crowd is larger than our sidewalks can handle. So, this year we opted to have a stationary “Walk” with the Bay and sunset as our background. WAvNA provided refreshments and the city provided chairs & tables, and organized the event.

A special thanks to Kevin Pulido, Community Resource Coordinator for the City of Miami Beach for putting the event together.

Thomas Mooney, Planning Director – Flamingo Pointe proposes a new development on the vacant lot on the northernmost end of their property (north of the North Tower), which is zoned RM-2. By code, they can build up to 170 ft tall. Their application and design plans will appear at The Design Review Board. 

South Sector Police Captain Marlen Rivero and Neighborhood Resource Officer Deborah Martineau – Noted that petty crimes typically jump over the holidays (such as package theft from vehicles), but was down in our neighborhood year-over-year. Advised commonsense precautions such as not leaving packages/valuables open/visible in vehicles, etc. The police department presented Gayle Durham, with an award acknowledging her contributions.

Sabrina, CIP Manager overseeing the West Avenue Renovation Project Phase II – The project will be performed in sections of 4 blocks and each section will be fully completed from underground to over ground within 6 months. The above-ground generator and electric box will be located in the median of Lincoln Road. The project was to break ground Dec 2019, but there is a delay in receiving permits from DERM for the storm drains. Also, there is a delay in the fabrication of the panel for the pedestrian bridge ramp railing and unfortunately there is no known date for this project’s completion.

Elizabeth Wheaton, Sustainability Director – The city is proposing to create a boat mooring station in Sunset Harbour and extending south along the West Avenue neighborhood. Currently, the City has no control over mooring in the bay. With a virtual mooring station overlaid onto the Bay, the City would be able to exercise control and restrictions over moored vessels in the Bay.

Manny, Code Compliance Director – Code can only record a valid illegal Airbnb violation if they have one of these, 1) a rental contract, 2) an advertisement showing the unit is for rent, 3) a signed affidavit from the renter. The person making the complaint may assist in obtaining the first two items if possible.

In buildings where short-term rentals are legal by zoning/code, lessors are still required to have a tax certificate which Code Compliance can enforcement.

(Wavna notes: Code Compliance will only pursue a short-term violation if the property is within a zone that prohibits short term rental. in the West Ave neighborhood zone RM-1 prohibits short term mrental. Otherwise, other zones wanting to stop STR must do so via their condo docs.)

 Commissioner Mark Samuelian – Thanked WAvNA for their hard work to improve the West Avenue corridor.

County Commissioner Eileen Higgins, Phase II Landscaping, Expand Parking Zone 12, Commission Candidates 10/1/2019

Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019
6:00pm Refreshments, 6:30pm Call to Order
1330 West Ave, Waverly Condominium

  1. Miami-Dade County Commissioner Eileen Higgins
    a. Transportation – A committee is reorganizing all bus routes throughout the county, including Miami Beach, to create smart routes which will greatly benefit passengers.
    b. Biscayne Bay – The Bay is being polluted throughout the county and Miami Beach is just a small contribution to that pollution. Beginning this year, for the first time, there will be an extensive study and testing. Example, DNA testing for human poop vs dog poop vs iguana poop. There is no way of telling if the new powerful pump stations are contributing to Bay pollution the same amount or increased amount because there was no previous testing, no benchmark.
    c. Sign up for newsletter by our county commissioner, Eileen Higgins. Include neighborhood association news, legislative updates, upcoming events, and more!
  2. Landscaping West Avenue Renovation Project Phase II
    a. Sabrina Baglieri, Heather Leslie, and a team from Ric-Man Construction presented the design for landscaping & trees. Large posters were displayed showing the type of trees and vegetation and their locations.
    b. Construction will take place in sections of 3 blocks at a time. Each section will take 4 months to complete.
    c. Each building impacted by the street raising must sign off on the harmonization plan before construction begins on a section.
    d. Groundbreaking is this December taking place simultaneously at two locations – West Ave & 8th Street, and Lincoln Road & Lincoln Court.
  3. Residential Parking Permits, Expanding Parking Spaces for Parking Zone #12
    a. Membership voted unanimously to expand permits to surface parking lot next to the West Ave post office, known as lot P24
    b. This metered public parking lot is still open to the public, but with the passing of a resolution, residents with parking permits can park here at designated evening hours for free
    c. Mayor Gelber will sponsor the Resolution at the October 16th Commission meeting.
  4. Introducing Candidates for Commission:
    • Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez, Group 4
    • Blake Young, Group 6
    • Commissioner Ricky Arriola, Group 5
    • Stephen Cohen, Group 5
    • Johnathan Welsh, Group 5
    • Steven Meiner, Group 4
  5. Meeting Adjourned 7:40PM

Captain Pfrogner, State Rep Grieco, MBU 6/4/2019

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
1330 West Ave, Waverly Condominium
6:00pm Meet & Greet
6:30pm Call to Order

  1. Introduced new south sector police officer, Captain Mimi Pfrogner. Besides the 2 violet incidents that were spontaneous nothing the police could prevent (car jacking and man beaten in alley) doesn’t appear to be a lot of crime in our neighborhood. Captain Pfroger’s cell phone number is 305.710.2318, Office 305.673.7776 ext 5032.
  2. State Representative, Michael Grieco, explains ordinances passed in Tallahassee during the past session, along with his insightful personal experience as a first term representative. Greico greatest accomplishment was passing legislation to postpone for 5 years retrofitting fire sprinkler systems in existing condo buildings. State wide this saves condo owners billions of dollars.
  3. WAvNA advocates for our neighborhood, but Miami Beach United (MBU) advocates for residents city-wide. Q&A with MBU board member Scott Needles. MBU’s most important accomplishment was passing the city ordinance called “citizens right ot know”. Now, any resident can register to receive automatic notices about any zoning change taking place in their neighborhood, or any notice citywide depending how you configure your options. Subscribe to MBU newsletter here, Everyone is invited to the MBU party at The Standard, June 13th, 6-8pm, $15, bites and drinks
  4. Introducing Candidate for Commission, Raquel Pacheco. Raquel lives in the Flamingo Park district, is a business owner (a translation company). She was a National Guard for six years, is a single mom with a child attending South Pointe Elementary school. And Raquel is an avid environmentalist.
  5. Introducing Candidate for Commission, David Richardson. David lives in the Flamingo Park district, is a business owner (an accounting firm). As our State Representative for six years, David has gained important experience and knowledge.
  6. Code Compliance officers answers questions about illegal short term rentals and dog poo left on sidewalks.
  7. Get involved! Join a neighborhood committee. To join or ask questions please contact Wavna at a. Streetscape Committee – Do you love trees? Do you ride a bike? This committee will follow the West Ave renovation project over the next 2 ½ years, meet with the landscape architect, ensure beautiful landscaping and outreach when problem arise. b. Safety Committee – The focus will be on pedestrian & bike safety, traffic safety, correcting dangerous crosswalks, clean sidewalks, traffic signals, street lighting, dog trash. c. Friends of Gateway Park – Be a founding member of a new important asset in our community, the 600 block public park. Focus is safety, landscaping, programming activities. Follow the process through construction and after the park is completed to work with developer and the city.
  8. Meeting Adjourned 8:10pm

WoW Feedback, Award to West Bay Plaza 4/2/2019

WAvNA 4/2/19 6:30pm, 1330 West Ave, Waverly Condominium

  1. Call to order: 6:32pm
  2. Welcome:
    • Adrian from Mayor’s office
    • Commissioner Gongora’s Aide, Diana
    • Officer Deborah Martineau
    • Candidate for commission Michael Barrineau
    • Commissioner Malokoff’s aide, Gloria
    • New officer, Seargant Phil Pulaski.
    • Commissioner Samuelian’s aide, Elias
  3. MBPD Announcements
    • Current captain David De La Espriella
      1. Recognized Martineau
      2. Recognized WAvNA for community leadership
      3. Is being rotated to North Beach sector. (WAvNA will miss him)
      4. Introducing Phil Pulaski (retired from NYPD – chief of detectives), will now take over for South Beach
      5. Spring break: Challenging year, but over, and now in the interim before Memorial Day (traffic patterns, etc)
    • Phil Pulaski intro remarks: Focusing on service
    • Questions
      1. Attack behind “new hotel alleyway” – what happened? Unknown, no suspects, investigation ongoing
      2. Question about MBPD reachout – “anti-tourism” campaign; actual arrest stats don’t indicate students are the problem
      3. Offer to provide space for police cameras at 17th & West
      4. Bike thefts at 14th St. – Report it to the police regardless of how “small” it might seem
  4. Recognition awards:
    • West Bay Plaza (West & 17th): Litter cleanup. (Notes that City ord mandates litter cleanup by buildings for own property up to the asphalt, including sidewalk/public ROW)
  5. Updates
    • CitBike expansion: Flamingo expanded, 16th & Bay future expansion, new station around Trader Joe’s, Belle Island park, Waverly possible expansion
    • More garbage cans; loss of can at 16th and Bay because used for household garbage
    • Bike box at 17th and West – bike lane expanded at the front of intersections for cyclist safety; crosswalk on west side of that intersection will begin installation Thursday
    • West Ave pedestrian bridge: Final approval granted, installation May 9 – June 10, pedestrian ramps June 11-July 23.
    • Questions?
      • Flashing pedestrian signal 9th & West.
  6. West of West (WOW) discussion (Alan from Capri): See detailed attachment
  7. Flamingo Point Apartments, update
    • Open “public square” concept (October)
    • New rideshare entrance to alleviate traffic problems (July)
    • Restaurant/coffeehouse (open to public, closes by 11pm)
  8. South Shore Hospital implosion is Sunday morning4/14/19 8am. Open house Thursday 4.4.2019 6pm Mondrian Hotel.
  9. Fishing on seawall and baywalk – neighborhood meeting coming up regarding this.
  10. Questions from audience
    • Street project info? Presentation May 2 at Mondrian – see WAvNA for more info
    • Next WAvNA meeting June 4