In order to mitigate flooding in the West Avenue Corridor, a $10M underground pump station system was installed and the elevation of the streets and sidewalks will be raised three feet. The project also involves major above street improvements: the city’s first protected bike path, wider sidewalks, brighter lighting, pedestrian crosswalks and shade trees. Latest Updates West Avenue Neighborhood Improvement Project

That means the previously approved streetscape design from 2007 will be replaced by a modern urban design.

The project takes place in two phases. Phase One broke ground February 2015 and scheduled to complete by April 2016 (actually completed in October 2016). Eight blocks were renovated: West Avenue from 5th to 8th Street and Lincoln to 17th Street. Also 6th Street from Alton to West Ave, 10th Street from Alton to the Bay, 14th Street from Alton to the Bay, 17th Street from Alton to West Avenue.  All condominium buildings in the path of Phase One are urged to meet with the city engineer to discuss how your home will be effected by the street elevation changes.

Phase Two will renovate all the other streets within the West Ave Corridor and will begin in 2016. (Well, now we are hearing January 2018). The West Ave bridge opened October 2017.

 schedule for construction projects

Pump stations are on the street-ends at 5th, 10th,14th, and 17th Street.  Flooding no longer exists since the pump installations October 2015.

There will be lots of dust, street closures, lane closures and sidewalk closures (just like what took place on Alton Road). But, the result will be dramatic and well worth the short term pain. The West Avenue Corridor will be transformed into Miami Beach’s most beautiful pedestrian friendly and bike friendly neighborhood.

Project Fact Sheet released 2/26/2015

raised streets concept drawing
Shows how streets and sidewalks will be treated in the new higher elevation. Notes in red are added by WAvNA.