Gilbert M. Fein DistrictGilbert M. Fein was one of the more prominent architects of the Post War Modern movement. Born in Brooklyn, New York, on May 30, 1919, Fein graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from New York University in 1942 then moved to Miami Beach where he opened his own architectural office.

Some of Fein’s significant buildings include: the Starlite Hotel at 750 Ocean Drive in 1952, the Sun Haven (now the News Cafe) at 800 Ocean Drive in 1958, the Stardust Apartments at 910 Collins Avenue in 1958, and the office building at 1674 Meridian Avenue in 1959.  Fein’s work is clearly expressed with the culmination of more than seventy low-scale apartment buildings erected in North Beach defining much of the unique residential character of North Beach Modern style of architecture.

When establishing the Gilbert M. Fein Conservation District in October 19, 2005, the focus was on the residential neighborhood fronting the 16th Street and Lincoln Terrace Bay front cul-de-sac in order to foster the retention of lower scale existing structures. Originally developed in 1950,  Fein’s Lincoln Terrace Villas remain predominately intact today as it was first constructed some 50 years ago.

On February 5, 2003, the Mayor and City Commission honored Gilbert Fein with a
proclamation for his lifetime achievement in modern design and its lasting contribution to Miami Beach and to the State of Florida.

Credit for this article – City of Miami Beach Planning Department