Mooring Field Feasibility Study Virtual Public Meeting, 1.6.2022

A virtual public meeting to discuss the draft mooring field feasibility study. Learn how a boat mooring field can improve water quality, protect seagrasses and better regulate boats anchoring in Biscayne Bay near our neighborhood.

Purpose of Mooring Field

  • Control the number of boats
  • Improve safety by knowing who the boats are
  • Protect the environment
  • Improve the water quality from gasoline spills and sewage pumps outs
  • Create buffer between homes and anchored boats
  • Create boating rules that can be enforced


  • Mooring are drilled into the seabed which attach to a buoy that floats on the surface that boats anchor to
  • The city is required to provide a dinghy dock and a sewage pump out
  • Any upland facilities may be provided, but are not required, i.e. showers, laundry, parking, etc.

All the Players Involved

  • Amy Knowles is coordinating the project. David Martinez, Dir of CIP, is in charge of all city projects.
  • Federal, state, and county agencies are involved, five agencies in the permitting process and other agencies giving commentary.


  • In 2021 the State of Florida passed an important law that allows the county to establish anchoring limitations outside the mooring field. This could prevent boats that avoid the mooring field from anchoring next to homes in unregulated waters.


  • The consultants mentioned building the mooring in four phases, from Sunset Harbour to 5th Street. 

Next Steps

  1. The proposal must go to City Commission and Commission Finance Committee to determine the location of the mooring field and phasing process
  2. Then the design and permitting process begins
  3. Additional funding will be sought through grants and city funding.

Watch the full presentation below: