Latest update: 1212 Lincoln Road developers propose rooftop cinema (approved by City Commission in Sept. 2020)

Crescent Heights purchased a group of properties along Alton Road and will develop 1600 – 1634 Alton Road Investor Buys Beach Retail Portfolio. The project is called 1212 Lincoln Road.

Zoned CD-2, FAR is 1.5 for commercial and 2.0 for residential or hotel, maximum 5 stories, recent ordinance increased height to 60 feet (was 50 feet). Will have 300 parking spaces and constructed in three separate phases. Project updated 10/10/2016, see below the first 2 pictures.

Previous design 7/25/2016Original project without hotel 10/2014

Trivia: The one story buildings that currently line this section of Alton Rd were built from 1926 to 1934 and include the location of the first gay bar in Miami Beach called Club Benni, 1610 Alton Rd. The bar closed in 1954 because a homophobic City Council would not renew the bar’s liquor license. A Miami Beach icon owned Club Benni, who was still pouring drinks at age 100 and recently passed away. Can you guess who? More and More

1212 Lincoln Rd
The original design, no longer valid.