A five story, 116 room Marriott Residential Hotel with 58 seat restaurant (for hotel guests only) and 66 mechanical parking spaces will be located at 1231-1251 17th Street. The future West Avenue Bridge will run along the West side of the hotel (in photo the bridge is on the left). Approved by Design Review Board (DRB file 22924 9/3/2013, video 8:50am)) and  Planning Board (File No 2082 4/30/13, video 5:40pm-9:55pm) .

The 4,500 square foot  triangle shaped property to the east of the bridge is controlled by the city by easement. It was to be a park open to public, but a pump station was located here instead and we are not sure if there is still enough room for a park. (Final Orders Planning Board , DRB)

Marriot 17th Street & West Ave

Zoned CD-2, maximum 50 foot height. Appeared at Design Review Board (DRB) file 22924 on 9/3/2013 and Planning Board file 2082 on 4/30/13, 12/18/12, and 2/26/13

Marriot Oct 15 2015


Marriot 17th Street
The Mayflower Building to the right of the Marriot has deeded property for parking spaces
Marriot opens February 2016
Marriot opens February 2016