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It’s been another productive year as a community association. We continue to welcome your feedback and input to steer our local community priorities.

Throughout 2022, the WAvNA Board has continued to advocate on your behalf, including countless meetings with local City staff, vendors, and elected officials. We would like to acknowledge and thank all the elected officials, vendors, City staff, and local businesses for their tremendous efforts in 2022. Their ongoing efforts and collaborations help us all achieve a better community. 

Please share with your neighbors and new residents who’d like to learn more about our community and activities that impact the West Avenue Neighborhood. Our neighborhood boundaries are the north side of 5th street to Collins Canal and the West side of Alton Rd to Bay Road/Lincoln Court. 

Above & Beyond Award

This year, our “Above & Beyond” award goes to Stephan Ginez, local business owner of The Gaythering and close friend of WAvNA. We would like to thank and acknowledge his exemplary service to our community, as a small business owner and local resident. This year he volunteered countless hours with city staff, elected officials, RicMan construction, & residents to help secure and push the West Ave Phase II renovation project forward. Read Stephan’s latest update here.

Some of our achievement in 2022

With the help of many residents and local City officials, below is a selection of some accomplishments this year:

  • Canopy Park: Shortly after the park opened, WAvNA Board members met with the Parks Department to request additional upgrades for the dog park facilities, additional trash cans, dog bag dispensers and other maintenance issues.  With resident input we secured improved gate safety latches for the children’s playground.  
  • 6th Street & West Ave and 650 West Ave: Crosswalk stop signs installed to enhance resident safety. Note to the city: Keeping the illegally parked service vehicles out of the West Ave median across from the park would further enhance the effectiveness of the crosswalk stop signs and resident safety.  
  • Blind spot at 5th & West Ave: Working with the contractor to move the fence back to improve visibility going west bound onto MacArthur bridge.
  • Police visibility: Continued MBPD presence during high traffic holiday weekends such as Memorial Day & Labor Day. Commissioner Meiner addressed resident focused safety issues at our last WAvNA Meeting. MBPD Marine Patrol and MWPA (Marine, Water, Protection Authority): Ongoing engagement to remove derelict boats, limiting noise and other illegal activities in our bay.
  • Shops @ 5th Street & Alton: Ongoing work with the City, the Icon President, and owners of 5th & Alton Shops to improve maintenance and upkeep of their property exterior, interior, parking, and elevators.
  • The homeless: Continued coordination to ensure removal of the Homeless and subsequent cleanup from Alton Road overpass and under MacArthur bridge.
  • Mooring Fields: Ongoing work with the City regarding proposed mooring field from MacArthur bridge to Sunset Harbor.  
  • The Baywalk: Ongoing work with City staff for our G.O. Bond approved community Baywalk from MacArthur bridge to Lincoln Road.
  • Storm Drain Maintenance: Ongoing City interaction, securing injection wells for West Ave Phase II, which will improve the Bay water quality. 
  • West Ave Phase II: renovation project approval. For more information, the West Avenue project page was recently relaunched on the City’s website. In addition to project information, an expanded Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section has been included and will grow with the project. 
  • West Ave Phase II: Read the latest North & South Update by Stephan Ginez here.

Our priorities for 2023

Below are a few of our top priorities as we go into the new year:

  • Successful launch of West Ave Phase II Harmonization Agreements.
  • Continue to work with the City to secure additional resident parking during West Ave Phase II north portion.  
  • Secure additional funding for West Ave Phase II South portion between 8th &14th street. 
  • Collaborate with the community and developers on upcoming projects impacting our neighborhood.  
  • Work with City and local residents for our Baywalk expansion and improve resident access to the current West Ave. & Bay Road Baywalks.
  • Work with the City and local residents regarding Mooring Field planning. 
  • Continued improved police presence and enforcement, including holding the City to account for bad neighbors that impact our quality of life, such as the Bikini Hostel.

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