As you prepare to vote, we asked a final set of questions to our Mayoral candidates. See their responses below:

Did you ever receive a contribution of any kind from the developers (Russell Galbut, Crescent Heights, Extended Galbut Family members, or David Martin Terra Group) and would you accept any contribution directly or indirectly from the developer between now and the end of your campaign?   

Michael Gongora: No, although it was previously reported that Galbut gave to a political committee in 2022 that money was not intended for my race.  We are beyond the period to raise funds at this point so no more monies may be contributed by anyone.

Michael Greico: No, and No.

Steven Meiner: No. I have not received any campaign contributions from any of these sources, including from any family members, during my Mayoral campaign. It is illegal to accept campaign contributions from developers, lobbyists or vendors doing business with Miami Beach. The only way around this rule is with a PAC or ECO. I do not have a PAC or ECO. 

Bill Roedy: No, and never will as Mayor.

The CHC( Community Health Center) site is currently Zoned for CD2 60 -75ft allowable height.  What is the maximum height you would consider accepting for the project?

Michael Gongora: We have rules to follow. 75 ft is the top height allowed for the area.

Michael Greico: The current allowable height in code seems appropriate.  My concerns are much more tethered to the traffic impacts in an area adjacent to a major failing intersection and a new development project that has yet to come online.

Steven Meiner: I have worked closely with WAvNA on all issues, including development related issues in West Avenue. I would continue to work closely with WAvNA to determine what height is appropriate for the neighborhood.

Bill Roedy: The maximum height currently allowed by law. The current referenfum for that CHC for an extra .6 FAR should not be approved.

Knowing what you know now, do you still support the land swap deal with the county and the community clinic?

Michael Gongora: It’s already been decided.  I believe the clinic should be bigger not only to support the current need but thinking towards the future needs of the city.

Michael Greico: I’m not sure how to answer this question based upon how it is phrased, but the clinic and the building it is currently housed in are not adequate. I support increasing access to affordable health care for residents who need it without reducing quality of life for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Steven Meiner: No.

Bill Roedy: No.

As current capacity is limited, do you support a larger community clinic to better serve its patients?

Michael Gongora: Yes, see response above.

Michael Greico: Yes.

Steven Meiner: Yes.

Bill Roedy: Absolutely!

Do you agree that the new clinic should include a minimum number of parking spaces for staff and patients?

Michael Gongora: Absolutely. Parking is already an issue in the neighborhood.

Michael Greico: Yes.

Steven Meiner: Yes.

Bill Roedy: Yes.

Knowing that the organization which manages the clinic was able to make a very substantial investment for another location across the bay and health care is under the responsibility of the county, should the city and its residents have to contribute to a land swap deal?

Michael Gongora: No.

Michael Greico: I do not know enough about the financial details to answer this question, but I was unaware of any financial investment being made by city tax dollars and I would not be inclined to draw additionally from the city budget on this proposal.

Steven Meiner: No.

Bill Roedy: No.

If the clinic needs a new site should other locations be considered to better serve its patients and maybe be regrouped with other services like the daycare on 6th street which lost its space.  Could the old fire station site at the corner of 11th street and Jefferson be considered?

Michael Gongora: It’s certainly a possibility. I am in favor of finding a solution that benefits our residents.

Michael Greico: I’m not comfortable committing to specific alternate sites and in-turn tying my hands on future uses on city properties. This is a county facility and the burden is not on Miami Beach to give up valuable city-taxpayer property simply to provide alternatives to the current proposal.

Steven Meiner: We should explore all potential locations.

Bill Roedy: Yes.

Should the developer be required to satisfy his current 5 Park Condo development agreement with the city before any new deal is considered?  obligations first under the current 5 Park development agreement with the city?  This would include the new pedestrian bridge over 5th street/MacArthur bridge, Floridian parking lot, and completion of the Baywalk /seawall behind Mondrian and Mirador properties.

Michael Gongora: Yes.

Michael Greico: The players are not all the same (although there is much overlap) with the properties/projects you listed, but I definitely want to see the footbridge and the baywalk move forward quickly, so if there is an opportunity to leverage the CHC proposal I would not shy away from going that route.

Steven Meiner: If contractual obligations have not been met, they should be satisfied before moving forward. 

Bill Roedy: Absolutely!

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