March 6, 2018, 6:30pm to 7:55pm
1330 West Ave, The Waverly

  • Based on complaints about speeding cars on West Avenue, Captain Della explained that speed monitoring equipment detects the threshold to determine if a “speed trap” is warranted. The trigger is if over 15% of the cars travel over 5MPH over the speed limit and that has not been the case.¬† The city has recently taken several measures to substantially beefed up police protection.


  • Results of pedestrian bridge survey – Total 157 votes cast

Option 1 (X shape) 41 votes, 26%
Option 2 (V shaped) 9 votes, 5.8%
Option 3 (curve) 36 votes, 23%
Option 4 (artistic) 71 votes, 45%


  • Updates from city hall by Commissioner Michael Gongora

Appeal against 3,000 SF super LED sign above Dunkin Donuts – City working behind the scenes for a settlement agreement. Wavna membership unanimously opposed the sign.

State law to over ride city’s short term rental – the law is now stalled because all the focus is on gun laws. Lawmakers session ends March 9th so it might be postponed until next session which would be a good thing.

A garage with workforce housing at 1623 West Ave was killed at the Commissioner retreat. Decided that there are more appropriate places. Currently such a facility is approved on Collins near 10th Street.

1691 West Ave Trader Joe super mural (which is a painted mural not a sign) was basically approved by teh Design Review Board.

1409 Lincoln Rd Gaythering Hotel received approval from Design Review Board for a spa pool, but operating hours are restricted from 9am to 9pm.

Commissioner Gongora sponsored three ordinances, 1) to prohibit leaf blowers from 8pm to 8am, was 8pm to 7am, 2) to create city agendas with more clarity, 3) to sue the State to enable the city to impose strict gun laws.

Commissioner Gongora is hosting a Condo rules seminar March 14 at 5:30pm at the Collins Park Library on 23rd Street

Traffic lights – West Ave and Dade Blvd will be operational this week. Dade Blvd and Purdy will take 6 weeks.

Majority in attendance do not like the new trolleys because  the lead times are long and seats are uncomfortable. The city made improvements: longer leather straps, luggage cart, tweaking routes to make lead times faster. However, the city just began a 3 year lease so the trolleys cannot be replaced until after the contract ends. The audience asked why rent a whole fleet fo trolleys instead of sending out one trolley to test?

Abuse of handicap tags is causing lose of street parking spaces for residential parking permit holders. In general, the audience complained about lack of available parking spaces, especially near 15th Street.

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