WAvNA 4/2/19 6:30pm, 1330 West Ave, Waverly Condominium

  1. Call to order: 6:32pm
  2. Welcome:
    • Adrian from Mayor’s office
    • Commissioner Gongora’s Aide, Diana
    • Officer Deborah Martineau
    • Candidate for commission Michael Barrineau
    • Commissioner Malokoff’s aide, Gloria
    • New officer, Seargant Phil Pulaski.
    • Commissioner Samuelian’s aide, Elias
  3. MBPD Announcements
    • Current captain David De La Espriella
      1. Recognized Martineau
      2. Recognized WAvNA for community leadership
      3. Is being rotated to North Beach sector. (WAvNA will miss him)
      4. Introducing Phil Pulaski (retired from NYPD – chief of detectives), will now take over for South Beach
      5. Spring break: Challenging year, but over, and now in the interim before Memorial Day (traffic patterns, etc)
    • Phil Pulaski intro remarks: Focusing on service
    • Questions
      1. Attack behind “new hotel alleyway” – what happened? Unknown, no suspects, investigation ongoing
      2. Question about MBPD reachout – “anti-tourism” campaign; actual arrest stats don’t indicate students are the problem
      3. Offer to provide space for police cameras at 17th & West
      4. Bike thefts at 14th St. – Report it to the police regardless of how “small” it might seem
  4. Recognition awards:
    • West Bay Plaza (West & 17th): Litter cleanup. (Notes that City ord mandates litter cleanup by buildings for own property up to the asphalt, including sidewalk/public ROW)
  5. Updates
    • CitBike expansion: Flamingo expanded, 16th & Bay future expansion, new station around Trader Joe’s, Belle Island park, Waverly possible expansion
    • More garbage cans; loss of can at 16th and Bay because used for household garbage
    • Bike box at 17th and West – bike lane expanded at the front of intersections for cyclist safety; crosswalk on west side of that intersection will begin installation Thursday
    • West Ave pedestrian bridge: Final approval granted, installation May 9 – June 10, pedestrian ramps June 11-July 23.
    • Questions?
      • Flashing pedestrian signal 9th & West.
  6. West of West (WOW) discussion (Alan from Capri): See detailed attachment
  7. Flamingo Point Apartments, update
    • Open “public square” concept (October)
    • New rideshare entrance to alleviate traffic problems (July)
    • Restaurant/coffeehouse (open to public, closes by 11pm)
  8. South Shore Hospital implosion is Sunday morning4/14/19 8am. Open house Thursday 4.4.2019 6pm Mondrian Hotel.
  9. Fishing on seawall and baywalk – neighborhood meeting coming up regarding this.
  10. Questions from audience
    • Street project info? Presentation May 2 at Mondrian – see WAvNA for more info
    • Next WAvNA meeting June 4

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