4th Annual Neighborhood Walk

Date: November 29th , 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Began: 520 West Ave (in front of Soho Bay restaurant)
Completed: West Ave at 14th Street
Attending: 22 residents, City Commissioner Ricky Arriola and Commissioner Michael Grieco; Aide for State Representative David Richardson; Aide for Commissioner Arriola, Erik Chiroles; Aide for Commissioner Steinberg; City staff  – Claudia Rodriguez (Communications); Chief Dan Oates (Police), Captain Della (Police), Fire, Roger Buell (Assistant City Engineer), Josiel Ferrer (Transportation), Public Works, Daniela Tamayo (Homeless).

As the group walked north from 5th Street, we noted comments and questions. City to answer questions and we will post answers here in blue, see below:

What is being built in the bay by a barge behind the Bentley Condo?

We noted that the Baywalk behind The Bentley and the Floridian was in good condition, No trash nor vagrants which had been a problem in the past. Chief Oates said he would have police patrol here if a problem arises.

What did the public get in return for vacation of 500 block alley which was 6,000 sf?

Several residents mentioned that an important need was a bridge over 5th Street at Alton; and a path to connect the Baywalk over or under MacArthur Causeway. What is the city doing to make this happen?

We observed that the narrowest section of West Ave is at the 500 block. City engineer confirmed that the width of the right-of-way on West Avenue is 70 feet wide except 5th to 6th is 50 feet and 6th to 7th is 60 feet wide.

We observed an 8 foot wide painted median at 600 block which encourages illegal parking by delivery trucks. Can the median be removed and replaced with a bike lane?

Staff mentioned the median at 600 block allowed safety vehicles to pass through. We argued that is illogical, how do safety vehicle enter or leave the 600 block when the painted median only exists at 600 block?

We observed new street lights located on sidewalk that could be relocated on the Bentley property. Can the city engineer find a solution?

A new mid block pedestrian walkway was created with paint between Floridian and South Bay Club. Can the city add “airport” lighting or elevated median?

It was noted that the hotel-condo at 1215 West Ave negotiated with the neighborhood for hours of operation for restaurant and rooftop pool.  Are maximum occupancy loads for bars and restaurants posted inside the establishment? Per Chief Chief Meizoso, Fire Prevention Bureau Chief: “Occupancy loads are given out to all assembly over 50 and must be posted, they are usually posted in the bar area or areas were guest cannot remove them”.

We noted that the pump stations at 10th St street-end were very large and blocked view of the bay. City engineer stated that landscaping will be created to hide the pump station. Commissioner Arriola will advocate for outdoor exercise equipment to be installed here. He said their is a particular brand that is very sleek and attractive. The pump stations have been covered with artificial grass.

Is it possible to have children friendly play equipment located at one of the street-ends?

Per city code or deed covenant, what are the restricted hours of operation for the future restaurant at 10th St street-end?

The Bikini Hostel has fixed several violations that were observed during last year’s walk.  Can Code Compliance remove the illegal outdoor refrigerators and bar counter? One week after the Neighborhood Walk, all outdoor alcohol, bar, refrigerators, LED lighting, and surfboards were removed.

The group was pleased with 14th St renovations. A row of Tamarind trees were planted on the south side, a species recommended by Wavna Tree Committee. And the city preserved a row of mature mahogany trees located on the north side, as promised by city engineer during last year’s neighborhood walk.

The Neighborhood Walk ended at happy hour at Semilla Eatery on Alton Rd.

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