WAvna Meeting Minutes
October 4, 2016, 6:30pm, The Mirador, 1200 West Ave
Directors attending: Gayle Durham, Shawn Bryant, Brian Keane, Corinne Kirkland             Officials attending: Resource Officer Deborah Martineau, Chief Dan Oates, Captain David De La Espriella, Representative David Richardson, Commissioner Michael Grieco, Candidate Jonathan Parker

I. Thank you to Claudia at Coral Cafe for sponsoring refreshments

II. Introducing the New Area 1 (South Beach) Police Captain, David De La Espriella

a. David’s nickname is Captain Dela
b. Relatively little crime in our neighborhood                                                                                  c. Problem with criminals from main land drive over here and rob people walking                 d. Crosswalk will be installed on Alton at 9th Street. And airport crosswalk on West Ave       e. Flooding on 10th St during Oct 10th rainstorm due to pump station vandalism
f.  Short term rental

1 Maximum penalty by condo assoc is $100 per day up to $1,000 per incident                 2 Police do not enforce condo by-laws prohibiting short term rental                                    3 Commissioner Grieco sponsoring ordinance making it necessary for all STR to receive approval by condo board prior to renting

III. South Beach Streetcar – presentation postponed due to staff in hurricane preparedness

IV. November Neighborhood Walk – date will be announced soon

V. New businesses

a. Cheese Course at Southgate Towers opening  January                                                                b. Yoga Studio at Southgate Towers opening soon                                                                         c. Juice bar on West Ave between 9th and 10th opening soon

VI. 1344 15th Terrace building demolished to make way for four-story residential apartments, Design reviewed at DRB 10/10/2016

VII. Palm Trees Chopped Down Down In Front Of Bentley

a. No Permits per Code Compliance                                                                                                     b. Bentley Manager Not Communicating With Residents Who Called Him                                c. Shawn Bryant to follow up

VIII. Developer at 600-700 Alton proposes height increase to

a. Zoned for 7 stories                                                                                                                            b. Developer offers greenspace in exchange

IX. Increase in annual storm water fee, as of 10/1/16, from $200 to $272 per home

X Head Shop 1422 Alton Road

                                                                                                                                                                    a. Not legal to sell marijuana in Florida                                                                                             b. Police investigation reveals store does not sell “medical marijuana”, actually sells products containing Cannabis Oil with THC content less than .3% which is legal standard       c.  Product will not get you “high”. It’s essentially a gimmick

XI.   Interest in creating pedestrian path over MacArthur Causeway at 5th Street. And having a conversation to move the Baywalk forward. Need neighborhood consensus. Negotiate with properties along the bay.

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