LOCATION: 6:00pm, April 21, 2015, 1330 West Avenue, Waverly Condominium

City officials in attendance: Police officer Deborah Martineau, Captain Wayne Jones, Officer Juan Sanchez, Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt (Police Chief of Staff ), Commissioner Steinberg, Commissioner Weithorn, Commissioner Grieco, Mayor Philip Levine, Virginia Morgan (Senior Executive Secretary for Representative David Richardson)

Police Captain Wayne Jones stated 24% of all city crimes take place from 2am to 5am, that the Flamingo drop-off is challenging for police to monitor but they will continue to do so, Officer Juan is in charge of monitoring sex offenders who live in the city, there is a homeless sex offender that recently moved to West Ave and the police will make contact with him every month.

Association Law Group, Ben Solomon answered questions about renting and informed us that all condo associations votes may be done by proxy except election for board members. (ALG)

There was a brief explanation of proposed ordinances and conditional use requests coming before the City Commission and Planning Board.  Commissioner Malakoff is sponsoring dozens of changes in a 42 page proposal that includes, for example, outdoor bar counter within 100 ft of residential area cannot operate between 8pm and 8am. Loud live music and DJ music prohibited in residential areas, alcohol establishment 6,000 SF in size or larger can have all sort of restrictions imposed on them by the Planning Board. All Alcohol establishments must have an approved program for litter, trash, dumpster sweeping sidewalk. Wavna  would like to add limited hours of operation of Alcohol establishments in our residential neighborhood.

Starbucks at 959 West Avenue requests a change to their Conditional Use Permit to serve wine or beer daily from 4:00pm to 11:00pm. Membership did not oppose this request.

Bikini Hostel received a $6,000 fine for illegal outdoor bar counter that was issued by Code Compliance. The Building Department has also given violations for excessive signage and illegal structure.

The project at 500 Alton is on hold so the developer is asking permission to create a temporary surface parking lot to include valet parking. ​ Concern was raised from residents that developer is attempting to add a source of revenue while he delays his project, that a valet parking lot that serves vehicle from all over the city is a detriment to the neighborhood . ​

Candidate for City of Miami Beach Commission, Scott Diffenderfer, is a resident of Miami Beach for 30 years, he is President of his condominium ​association​ on Belle Isle and he is President of the Belle Isle Neighborhood Association where he has dealt with similar issues we are experiencing in our neighborhood. Scott led a successful initiative to limit outdoor hours of operation for alcohol until midnight at the Standard Hotel. As an eight year member of the Transportation Committee, if elected, Scott will  focus on transportation solutions for our city. The city collects a surplus of $8M a year in parking fees and Scott advocates those monies to be used for public transportation and not the general operating budget.

Fernando Diez is co-founder of Coalition Against Causeway Chaos, an organization that is suing the city of Miami to stop a humongous project on Watson Island. The voters initially approved an 11 story building, but a deal done “behind closed doors” has ballooned the project into a 40 story complex.

Mayor Philip Levine made a surprise visit ! The Mayor is passionate about completing the West Ave streetscape on schedule and solving public transportation by creating express bus lanes and expanding the trolley throughout the entire city. The Mayor intends to punish trucks that double park and “taking back our city” from the crime and rowdy drinking that is ruining Ocean Drive. The Mayor’s solution is to limit alcohol beverage service to 2:00am for all outdoor cafe tables on city sidewalks.  Several people who lived near the hostel and the hotel mentioned that indoor drinking until 5am in bars next to their homes was also a problem and these folks wanted limited alcohol service hours to also include indoor.

Baptist is seeking approval from the Planning Board to be the tenant for a future building at 709 Alton Rd. Currently this property is an empty dirt parking lot. Ana Lopez-Blazquez, Chief Executive Officer, BHE Chief Strategy Officer stated that the Baptist facility will include an Urgent Care (a walk-in medical facility open until 11pm. Note, this will not be an emergency facility, there will be no ambulances. Also will include doctor offices open until 7pm, a coffee cafe, a wellness center, and a yoga & Pilates gym. With a show of hands, the Baptist facility was supported by vast majority of membership.

Irma Laurancuente, co-chair of the Streetscape Committee stated that FIU Art Department is creating ideas to beautify the Alton Rd Flyover. This involves landscaping under the flyover and adding art . More details at the next Wavna meeting.. To get involved with this project [please please join the Streetscape Committee.

Irma Laurancuente from the Streetscape Committee informed us that the city has reneged on their promise to restripe by August 8th West Avenue back to one  lane in each direction. There was agreement that  traffic congestion and pedestrian safety would be solved by immediately removing the extra travel lane and restriping the way it use to be. ​The Wavna Board will take action on this matter with top city officials. ​

Wavna Board member, Shawn Bryant, informed us that the city passed an ordinance to prohibit boats and dingies from mooring on the city bay wall and that signs will be posted to inform the boaters.

Meeting adjourned 7:45pm



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