Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019
6:00pm Refreshments, 6:30pm Call to Order
1330 West Ave, Waverly Condominium

  1. Miami-Dade County Commissioner Eileen Higgins
    a. Transportation – A committee is reorganizing all bus routes throughout the county, including Miami Beach, to create smart routes which will greatly benefit passengers.
    b. Biscayne Bay – The Bay is being polluted throughout the county and Miami Beach is just a small contribution to that pollution. Beginning this year, for the first time, there will be an extensive study and testing. Example, DNA testing for human poop vs dog poop vs iguana poop. There is no way of telling if the new powerful pump stations are contributing to Bay pollution the same amount or increased amount because there was no previous testing, no benchmark.
    c. Sign up for newsletter by our county commissioner, Eileen Higgins. Include neighborhood association news, legislative updates, upcoming events, and more! https://forms.gle/UowzCLBn9QBC898h7
  2. Landscaping West Avenue Renovation Project Phase II
    a. Sabrina Baglieri, Heather Leslie, and a team from Ric-Man Construction presented the design for landscaping & trees. Large posters were displayed showing the type of trees and vegetation and their locations.
    b. Construction will take place in sections of 3 blocks at a time. Each section will take 4 months to complete.
    c. Each building impacted by the street raising must sign off on the harmonization plan before construction begins on a section.
    d. Groundbreaking is this December taking place simultaneously at two locations – West Ave & 8th Street, and Lincoln Road & Lincoln Court.
  3. Residential Parking Permits, Expanding Parking Spaces for Parking Zone #12
    a. Membership voted unanimously to expand permits to surface parking lot next to the West Ave post office, known as lot P24
    b. This metered public parking lot is still open to the public, but with the passing of a resolution, residents with parking permits can park here at designated evening hours for free
    c. Mayor Gelber will sponsor the Resolution at the October 16th Commission meeting.
  4. Introducing Candidates for Commission:
    • Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez, Group 4
    • Blake Young, Group 6
    • Commissioner Ricky Arriola, Group 5
    • Stephen Cohen, Group 5
    • Johnathan Welsh, Group 5
    • Steven Meiner, Group 4
  5. Meeting Adjourned 7:40PM

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