Tuesday, June 4, 2019
1330 West Ave, Waverly Condominium
6:00pm Meet & Greet
6:30pm Call to Order

  1. Introduced new south sector police officer, Captain Mimi Pfrogner. Besides the 2 violet incidents that were spontaneous nothing the police could prevent (car jacking and man beaten in alley) doesn’t appear to be a lot of crime in our neighborhood. Captain Pfroger’s cell phone number is 305.710.2318, Office 305.673.7776 ext 5032.
  2. State Representative, Michael Grieco, explains ordinances passed in Tallahassee during the past session, along with his insightful personal experience as a first term representative. Greico greatest accomplishment was passing legislation to postpone for 5 years retrofitting fire sprinkler systems in existing condo buildings. State wide this saves condo owners billions of dollars.
  3. WAvNA advocates for our neighborhood, but Miami Beach United (MBU) advocates for residents city-wide. Q&A with MBU board member Scott Needles. MBU’s most important accomplishment was passing the city ordinance called “citizens right ot know”. Now, any resident can register to receive automatic notices about any zoning change taking place in their neighborhood, or any notice citywide depending how you configure your options. Subscribe to MBU newsletter here, miamibeachunited.org. Everyone is invited to the MBU party at The Standard, June 13th, 6-8pm, $15, bites and drinks
  4. Introducing Candidate for Commission, Raquel Pacheco. Raquel lives in the Flamingo Park district, is a business owner (a translation company). She was a National Guard for six years, is a single mom with a child attending South Pointe Elementary school. And Raquel is an avid environmentalist.
  5. Introducing Candidate for Commission, David Richardson. David lives in the Flamingo Park district, is a business owner (an accounting firm). As our State Representative for six years, David has gained important experience and knowledge.
  6. Code Compliance officers answers questions about illegal short term rentals and dog poo left on sidewalks.
  7. Get involved! Join a neighborhood committee. To join or ask questions please contact Wavna at [email protected] a. Streetscape Committee – Do you love trees? Do you ride a bike? This committee will follow the West Ave renovation project over the next 2 ½ years, meet with the landscape architect, ensure beautiful landscaping and outreach when problem arise. b. Safety Committee – The focus will be on pedestrian & bike safety, traffic safety, correcting dangerous crosswalks, clean sidewalks, traffic signals, street lighting, dog trash. c. Friends of Gateway Park – Be a founding member of a new important asset in our community, the 600 block public park. Focus is safety, landscaping, programming activities. Follow the process through construction and after the park is completed to work with developer and the city.
  8. Meeting Adjourned 8:10pm

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