1) Nominate Travis voting board member- passes unanimously

2) What has Wavna accomplished in 2016:

Passed alcohol Ordinance to roll back hours of operation from 5am to 2am, created a tree committee that made recommendations for flowering and shade trees for West Ave renovation project, had West Ave re-striped from 3 driving lanes to two, had well attended member meetings with many elected officials and city staff, created visibility for local businesses through food and beverage sponsorships, developed close relationships with commissioners, city staff and new South Sector Police Captain, evicted abusive illegal dog breeder at 1425 Bay Rd.

3) What are our new goals

  • Pass hostel ban
  • Implement design created by Streetscape Committee and Tree Committee
  • Create pedestrian, bicycle safety committee
  • Create Short Term Rental (STR) Task Force – host a task force to educate neighborhood, on enforcement and laws, and to create solutions. Create illegal STR sign for condo lobby.
  • Revive Presidents Club
  • Add 3 board members

4) Agenda items for future Wavna meetings

  • Illegal short term rental
  • Transportation Dept – Jose
  • Bay Walk progress
  • Zika update
  • Formal agenda item every month to cover new projects and businesses

5) Volunteers Needed

  • monthly meeting print material
  • monthly meeting refreshments
  • monthly meeting: greeting, collect emails/sign-in sheet
  • Print sign in sheet, name tags
  • photographer
  • create happy hours
  • website – GAYLE
  • newsletter – GAYLE
  • social media – TRAVIS
  • tax return – BRIAN

6) Fund raising – SHAWN

  • Paypal, crowd funding, Amazon (besides cash can donate specific items)

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